Hello, gorgeous friend,

What have I got that you want? Happiness, peace and joy, just because.

In this Law of Attraction world, and I am a LOA Life Coach, people tend to get drawn in simply because they want stuff, stuff that will make them happy.

This message does get perpetuated, however; it is so missing the point.

How many people do you personally know, and I mean really well, that have lots of stuff but they don’t have joy, or peace and the only thing that really lights them up is getting more stuff?

I personally have peace, joy and happiness and trust me when I tell you that there are some pretty big items on my list that have not manifested.

How is that possible?

Sometimes things take time because you need to, and get to, become all that you are meant to be while the stuff is on the way. You get to exercise your belief/faith muscles, find out what your made of and the biggest bonus of all is that you can start to understand that true happiness and the peace that brings joy all come from within you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things but thinking that things make you happy is a lie. Things and relationships can enhance your happiness, peace and joy but they don’t create them.

I have coached numerous people who want things or a loving relationship, because we all do, but the coaching sessions are never about these things, they are about finding joy and happiness, confidence, empowerment, worthiness and improving their relationship with themselves all in the circumstances they are currently in.

That is where it all begins, with you, inside of you, and once you do that work things start to flow and come to you because you don’t feel desperate for them anymore.

You may still be really hungry for your desires but as you’ve nailed down the happiness, peace and joy from within you and you have developed good beliefs and faith, you can feel joy and excitement because you know everything else is on the way. Yay!

I have been bubbling over with joy for days now, for no particular reason, and as I have an overflow I’m sending some you way right now. Happy dance and cheers!

With love,