Hello, power filled friend,

Humans are incapable of holding onto joy for long periods of time and this is why I think it’s a good thing.

Imagine if you were able to hang onto that immense feeling of joy and it would never disappear. Wouldn’t that also mean that your deepest grief would also never disappear? That would suck with colossal proportion!

Great joy can dissipate slowly and even out just as deep grief can, and both can change you forever, in some way.

Now, if you were to laser focus on that great joy or grief and nothing else, either one could last forever, but in both cases you would be missing out on everything else life was offering you, and you would be held in stasis which is not actually living.

Your emotions direct every path you take, every decision you make.

Emotions are paramount to the quality of your life, so learning how to listen to them and knowing that you hold the power to re-direct them, is essential to living a life that is dominantly filled with peace and joy.

Great Joy and grief both lead you to deep appreciation and gratitude.

When you can go through a normal day that is neither filled with joy nor sorrow, you have the choice to focus on any little thing that is not perfect and bring yourself down, or you can notice, appreciate and feel gratitude for any tiny thing that is beautiful, or feels good and fill yourself up with joy.

It is always the little things that trip us up or that we remember with a fond adoration. When you really think about this it puts things into perspective and allows you to see that the little things matter so much, and cumulatively they are massive. Choose to steer your emotions toward appreciation and gratitude around the little things and the massive accumulation will be one of joy.

Here is an oral illustration to bring this point home for you.

You deeply love your partner; your roommate; your sibling or whomever you may be living with.

You have fixed responsibilities and one of theirs is to take the garbage and recycle out each week. Week after week, month after month, you have to remind them because they never remember.

You have the choice to let this anger you, let it make you feel disrespected and unappreciated, or you can accept that you simply need to remind them each week and not make a big issue out of it.

Now I want you to take a moment and really think about what it would be like if that person was no longer here, or no longer in your life. Not an easy thing to think about but it’s important.

In really thinking about it, and as this was an ongoing situation, that little annoyance would end up being something you missed, a cherished memory that would make you smile through tear stained cheeks. You may think of it as a unique quirkiness that this person had and you would long to need to remind them again.

Another example: you love your house but there are a couple of things about it that upset you and those things are what you focus on. What if you lost that house?

There are countless examples.

When you choose to change your perspective and be grateful for everything each and every day, you are guaranteed varying degrees of joy throughout every one of your days.

To summarize; the fact that you need to be ever conscious of wanting to feel joy and happiness allows you to be aware and truly appreciate all of the blessings you have, even if they are things you used to consider annoying.

Joy is always within you, you just need to discover how to awaken it and I hope this serves that purpose for you.

With love,