Hello, beautiful friend,

Do you love having choices?

How well do you do when there is a vast array of choices and they are all awesome in one way or another?

I must tell you; I have pages and pages of blog ideas and about ten half written ones that I will complete and post someday.

The ideas come from various places, people and events and sometimes I start one in my head to see if it feels right, right now, and then I suddenly switch to another one with out realizing it, and then another and yet another.

An hour may pass and I’ve actually not physically written one thing and then I’ve got the points all intertwined in my head and I realize I’m getting nowhere fast.

Next I let out a big sigh and a question to self; “what is going on with you?” I sit for a mere moment with this question and the answer never surprises me – “You are not focused!”

As a multi-passionate person, I have three businesses. Coaching is my ultimate passion; therefore, the other two have aspects of coaching/teaching in them as well, so focus is absolutely crucial.

The second fundamental for success in anything is the scary word, accountability.

On days that I’m working with clients I am laser focused and feel totally accountable to whomever I am working with to end the day or the session with measurable results; however, when I am working on other areas of my businesses, or writing, I actually have to remind myself to stay focused and I have to be accountable to myself to accomplish what I have set out to.


1. When I am working with a design client I am able to go into a huge fabric store and select the best six fabrics for each of their rooms needs in an hour or under, and the client always asks how I am able to do that, and my answer is always this; “I stay focused.”

2. When working with a coaching client I not only hear what they are saying but also what they are not saying, which is sometimes louder, and once again when asked, “how do you do that?” the answer is always, “I am completely focused on listening.”

Even though I am a coach I have actually hired life coaches, not business coaches, at the startup business phase, not only because there was so much going on that I needed to stay focused, also because I required someone to be accountable to so I would launch as planned.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, pay down debt, save for a vacation, transform you life, get that promotion or pack for a move, to name only a few, focus and accountability are key ingredients to your success.

Focus on the goal; Focus on the steps that will help you achieve that goal and be accountable to yourself like you would to a boss or a client and you will achieve your goals/realize your vision.

Focus and accountability are your two of your best friends and they love it when you use them.

You can do it; you can be it and you can believe it!

With love,