Hello, adored friend,

1. The Universe, God, Life – Loves you.
2. Possibilities are indeed, infinite.
3. Everything is going to be okay – way better than okay, no matter what.

Point One – no matter how many mistakes you have made and continue to make, no matter how much or how little faith you have, no matter how unloving, un-giving or unforgiving you have been in the past, no matter what kind of shame or judgment you may place on yourself – You Are Loved, Get That! I mean really get that in the very core of your being, because pure God/Universe/Spirit/Divine love is unconditional and never ending.

Point Two – no matter where you currently are in your life and how far away your dreams may seem, there are things happening all the time, that you are not aware of, that conspire with Spirit to get you exactly where you truly desire to be even if you only have a glimmer of an idea of what that looks like. The possibilities of how you will arrive where you want to be are infinite!

Don’t block your results by trying to figure out “the how” or “the when,” just be really fine with happily admitting that in the big scheme of things, you don’t know anything. This is so freeing.

So, every day just go about your business doing whatever it is that you feel you need to do to get you where you want to go, even if it’s small, and then be totally open to what shows up, even if it doesn’t seem like it is something that will propel you forward – you never know what synchronicities are woven into the abstract.

Amp up your faith/trust and know that the Universe is charting your coarse perfectly for you. I have found that once you get, even to the beginning of where you wanted to go, you will be able to look back and see how all of these seemingly unrelated things, or even things that seemed like setbacks, actually lined things up perfectly for you to succeed.

Point Three – On February 8, 2009 at a huge turning point in my life I had my first “knowing,” ever, and it was very simple, yet very inclusive – Everything is going to be okay – I absolutely believe that, and you can too.

These three points have become my mantas recently because even though I know them, I forget to really know them sometimes by consistently living them. You can know something intellectually without actually knowing it until you put it to the test, make it part of your life.

Personally and at present my metaphorical ship feels like it’s weary from the storm and is taking on water, my body is exhausted from bailing to keep the ship from sinking and yet I know that all of this tossing about is going to land me somewhere so awesome that I couldn’t have ever imagined it.

I finally reminded myself that I really don’t know anything, so I’ve let go of the struggle that I’ve taken on instead of handing it over, and now I’m just looking for big, beautiful metaphorical rainbows and I truly believe that’s exactly what I will find. The possibilities are infinite….

On the “yay” side, I’ve been able to maintain happiness and most often peace and joy as well because I remembered to, “Really Get,” these three truths, deep in my core.


The Universe, God, Life – Loves you.
Possibilities are indeed, infinite.
Everything is going to be okay – way better than okay, no matter what.

Have a glorious week!

With love,