Hello, beautiful friend and Happy Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to reassess and update your wardrobe, your fitness routine, the way things are arranged in you home and to get rid of the things that don’t reflect who you are anymore.

De-cluttering your home can make you feel great and may also provide you with room for new items that represent who you are today.

In just the same way de-cluttering your beliefs and figuring out which ones are serving you, which ones are outdated because you’ve gotten past the fear, and which ones where gifted to you from generations of family, or old friends that you haven’t even seen in years.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the unwanted gift that you know is definitely not you so you hide it in the back of the closet until the giver is coming over. This you do to keep the peace and not hurt someone.

This conversation is about the gift that is not actually you but you have made it part of your life, part of your belief system, without even realizing that it is causing you pain, and quite possible holding you back and keeping you from the happiness and joy that are meant to be yours.

It takes time to de-clutter beliefs but it is also essential for your personal growth. Sometimes as you grow an old belief will simply drop off because you can clearly see that it is a wrong belief and is not serving you.

Other times, especially with more complex, fear and emotionally based beliefs, it takes a lot of digging and contemplating.

Some of the complex beliefs that are deeply rooted need to be pulled up and pulled apart because they are not all bad, but parts of them are definitely holding you back and keeping you from living a passion and joy filled life.

I just finished detangling a deeply rooted belief today and have thrown away the parts that have been holding me back. (This process took eight days)

Now, If I had done this de-cluttering and detangling a year ago it wouldn’t have felt right or safe, but as I have grown and kept an eye on what this belief system is giving and what it is taking from me I knew it was the right time for me to make this necessary shift in my beliefs, so that I can move forward into more joy, and supercharge my passion for life.

This has been such a freeing experience, and I get so excited when I think of how much faster I will move forward as I embrace the adventure of life by releasing myself from beliefs that don’t fit anymore and are based in fear.

Take the time to de-clutter and possibly detangle your beliefs because new growth awaits you, and spring is all about new growth.

Enjoy the process and your week as well.

With love,