Hello, amazing, being of light,

When in doubt, always follow your heart; your heart knows all things and doesn’t get trapped in the game of reasoning or worry about the how’s and the when’s, it simply gives you personal and pure guidance based on your highest good, not someone else’s fears or judgments. (Most of our fears were learned; they don’t really belong to us.)

How many times have you really wanted to do something, with all of your heart, and instead of just jumping and taking that leap of faith, you allowed the mind’s reasoning to talk you out of it?

Your mind is programmed to keep you safe, whereas your heart wants you to soar, feel joy and learn the lessons on the way to your hearts desire.

It takes practice to listen to your heart so be prepared to interrupt your thoughts often and remind them that they are your, “keep me safe, reasoning thoughts,” and you are now listening to your heart.

You have the right to listen to your reasoning if you choose, as it will keep you safe. Is safe, really fully living? You decide, it’s your life and no one has the right to choose for you.

As for me, I listen to my heart. I’ll take the risks, make my own mistakes and learn from them, and don’t really care if someone says, “I told you so.” (That hasn’t happened for years btw)

My credo is that life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all and I’ve spent a fair bit of time soaring when I’ve followed my heart.

Oh what a journey life can be, when you follow your heart and feel your way through life.

Deep breath; big smile, and JUMP!

With love,