I love to give examples and analogies and this time of year is full of them.


We can feel a soft breeze, the heat from the suns rays, the bass and drums vibrating through speakers and so many other forms of energy.

Everything is made up of energy and that includes humans.

The holiday season is a perfect example of how our energy, alone and then collectively, is powerful and can be felt.


I love Christmas so much, and even when things aren’t exactly as I would like them to be, I can’t help but feel happiness, gratitude and love.

Yes, I also feel this way year around and even when I have moments or days that aren’t the best, I can still connect to this feeling at some point if I turn my thoughts to love, gratitude and the things that bring me joy.


Even before I understood that my thoughts and emotions create my reality, Christmas would wrap me in love and warmth. How could it fail? With so many Christmas movies about love and hope, twinkling lights everywhere you look, parties with old fashioned gaiety, window displays and baked goods that help restore thoughts of endless possibilities, and old Christmas carols that bring back memories or speak of simpler times.


People’s hearts soften and open up during the holidays. Then their thoughts turn to giving, and not just to loved ones, but also giving to the less fortunate. More people become kind and courteous, more smiles are shared and many well wishes are given during this season.


All of these things I just mentioned are all different ways of expressing one thing, and that one thing is love.


Because Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, various other holidays around the world, and the New Year are so close together, a strong collective energy of gratitude and love is created, and it can be felt during this holiday season like no other time of year.


This is the spirit of Christmas that throughout the years, in movies and in songs, we have been encouraged to keep all year long.

Every single person has the ability to let love and gratitude become the energy that they share with the world every day, and not just when holidays shift their focus toward them.


More people are becoming aware that their thoughts and emotions have power to affect, not only their lives, but also the lives of others. They are choosing to have a positive and loving effect on the world, and if you have yet to take the time to understand your own personal power, please take a moment now. Think about this collective and glorious energy of gratitude and love that becomes more prevalent throughout the holiday season.


My hope is that you will see this as evidence that every single person has the power to change the world in a positive way, and collectively it can happen faster.[gap height=”15″]

With love,