Hello, delightful friend,

How many times have things happened in your life and you are left wondering why they happened or what it was all about?

Recently my website was hacked and it messed up my time schedule and my budget, but as my perspective of life leans toward the positive naturally, my reaction to this huge inconvenience was to have the perception of wonder and learn from it.

First of all I knew for certain that this was not something I attracted because I have never considered or thought about having something hacked before.

Sometime things just happen. It’s a big world with a lot of people and a lot of energies and once in a while, through no fault of your own, you are going to bump up against it.

I was grateful that this happened at a time that wasn’t as busy as usual and then I thought about what I needed to be aware of and learn. As I am naturally trusting and don’t think in terms of hurting or inconveniencing people, I forget that not everyone is like me.

Abruptly reminded and lesson learned I made my password more complicated and purchased a premium site lock to be the keeper of my domain.

I was also fully aware that this didn’t happen to me, it wasn’t personal, which led me to wondering why such smart people hack.

This is where the opportunity lies. This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of mindfulness and being aware.

As I wondered why smart, talented and gifted people would use those gifts to destroy rather than build, I compiled a little list in my mind with items such as, sense of not belonging or feelings of powerlessness, and that made me feel compassion rather than annoyance toward the hacker.

So, I sent light and love to my hacker, and all hackers. I also sent a prayer that any pain they were feeling would be eased and redirected into doing that which would help others, elicit joy for them and guide them to a fulfilling and soul satisfying direction in their lives.

In short, the most important opportunity in this “makes no sense” occurrence had not been missed, and that brought a smile to my face.

So, the next time an individual you pass by stands out for no apparent reason, or someone bangs you as they rush past, or someone lays on the horn at you for no good reason or any other thing that makes you aware of another, for even a moment, remember this is an opportunity to send light and love, say a quick prayer and be aware that random is never random and God/Universe wants us to pay attention so we don’t miss the opportunity to bless another soul.

At least once a week I take the opportunity to do the same for all of my readers, yes, you….

With love,