Good day, beautiful friend,

Do you find that even when you feel you are paying attention, it is so easy to get swept into the stress zone, and suddenly realize that you have lost your center and that your peace and joy seem to be slipping away?

Life is so non-stop these days, and when you’re not mindful, you take care of everything and everyone but yourself, and suddenly you feel weighted down.

This is why yoga and meditation are so popular, they are a way for you to slow down, get centered and let the stress drift away. These practices are a wonderful way to take care of your mind, body and soul.

Fabulous, but if you are like me, it is really difficult to turn down the mind chatter and just relax and simply be. Even when I listen to the full 40 minutes of the “I AM, Wishes Fulfilled Meditation” by Dr. Wayne Dyer and James Twyman (My favorite Meditation CD) my mind goes into full out thinking mode over and over again. It still relaxes me before bed, so I do it anyway, even though I don’t get into a meditative state.

Meditation does not need to be traditional meditation, it only needs to be something that stills the non-stop brain chatter that we all have so we can become aware of our true selves, feel centered/grounded, be at ease, let go of stress and be open for inspiration.

Find what works for you. It’s the result, and not how you got there, that is important.

For you it may be watching the ripples of water in a lake; watching your clothes go round and round in the washer or dryer; staring deep into and original canvas and studying the brush strokes; staring at cloud structures as they drift by; walking in nature and just focusing on it’s beauty or even focusing on all of the varied sounds in the heart of your town or city.

The opportunity to clear you mind of its chatter is always available and you can make time on your lunch break to just be still and be.

To date, my deepest form of mediation has always been drawing.

I’m not a natural artist, I have to work at it and needed to be taught how to draw, but I love it, and I get lost in it completely. Two hours feels like 15 minutes and it brings me back to me.

Here is a quick, drawing 101 Lesson if you’d like to give it try.

Just like everything is made of energy, everything is also made of lines. If you want to draw a face, don’t look at the face look at the lines. Look at the angles, the curves and the spaces between the lines – just draw lines and they will form the object. Once you have drawn the lines, shadow and light give depth.

Your drawing doesn’t even have to be good by anyone else’s standards, but if this helps you to get into a meditative state and lets your mind be still, then buy some drawing paper and pencils and set some time aside to just be.

I’m not suggesting you abandon trying to master traditional meditation, I haven’t, just be aware that there are a variety of ways to meditate.

Big bonus for any type of meditation is more clarity and inspiration. Also less stress and better sleep, which leads to eliminating sugar and carb cravings, making wiser food choices and less Cortisol being released into your system so you start to shed excess body fat, naturally. Love this bonus!

Enjoy your week and remember, when you take care of yourself, everyone benefits.

With love,