Hello, unstoppable friend,

Have you noticed that there is a competition for just about everything these days?

The evidence that so much of what you do is being scrutinized and judged is so predominant that it is little wonder that you may fully engage in self doubt, and have wavering moments where you find it hard to believe in yourself. I can certainly relate to those feelings, I think most people can.

Believing in yourself is such an essential piece of the puzzle of living the life you desire, that you need to pay attention, and be ever mindful when something is causing you to now doubt what you were once so sure of.

You can be standing on solid ground and totally believe in yourself one moment and in the next you feel like there is sand under your feet, which is quickly blowing away as you sink deeper into self-doubt. It’s unnerving and can knock you flat on your ass if you are not paying attention and correcting your thinking.

There are countless numbers of things that can challenge your belief in yourself and if you are old enough to be reading this, I’m sure you can think of quite a few without much effort.

Having at least one champion in your life that really gets you, understands your vision and sees your undeveloped or unrecognized talents and gifts is a beautiful blessing that may keep you out of the mire and moving toward your dream, but if you stop believing in yourself, their belief in you will bear little or no merit.

When you remain steadfast and continue to believe in yourself, in your vision, no matter what, that belief is what will make you unstoppable.

Other people don’t need to get you, they don’t need to be able to see your vision and although that may hurt at times, if you don’t lose sight of the dream that is one of your hearts desires, chances are that some of those people will also see it clearly at some point, and then you may seem like a modern day hero to them.

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh, considered one of the world’s greatest painters, only sold one painting during his life?

People didn’t get him or his style of painting, but he had a vision, a burning desire in his heart, to express things and use colour in ways that others had not. He was poor and ridiculed but he never stopped believing in himself or his work, instead he inspired and delighted future generations with his brilliance.

The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, was originally rejected by his publisher but Paulo believed in himself, in the book, and found another publisher who did also. The Alchemist has been on The New York Times best sellers list for over six years and sits at number 6 today, May 5, 2015. (This book is more than a truly great read btw)

The only difference there may be between you, and someone you greatly admire, is the extent to which you believe in yourself, your dreams and your visions.

Believing in yourself generates excitement and that’s a magically explosive combination. – BELIEVE IN YOU –

Have a beautiful week.

With love,