Hello, amazing friend,

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of similarities in the way your body responds to drama and to excitement?

There are also differences, and the big and most important difference is that excitement elicits feelings of joy and glee, while drama creates stress and anxiety.

I’m sure that if you were asked to sit down and make a list of things that are exciting and things that are simply drama you would have little problem distinguishing between the two.

Why is it then that you get sucked into the drama zone when you are looking for excitement, instead of seeking out true excitement?

Drama can feel like excitement because it makes your heart race, can make you feel like your head is in the clouds, and it sure beats the hell out of a mundane day if you are prone to feeling board and you don’t know how to imagine your way out of it.

Drama can be low key or highly charged, just as excitement can be, and the problem is that so many people are such Drama Junkies that the body and brain become used to drama being the normal excitement, and before you know it you are stuck in the drama cycle without even realizing it.

Drama happens naturally to everyone, even those of us that are not into drama, so why do you feel the need to go looking for it as an entertainment?

Drama causes stress that your body, mind and soul just don’t need, and keeps you from your center of love, joy and peace.

Excitement can make your heart race and it brings joy and peace along with it. It doesn’t matter if it is a subtle excitement or an over the top excitement, it serves you, and keeps you in the best part of your centered self.

With excitement your body gets flooded with all kinds of feel good hormones instead of stress hormones and that just makes good sense. (Stress hormones are bad for you health and your weight too)

Your heart may not race if it is a subtle excitement like walking hand in hand with the one you love while eating an ice cream cone or just enjoying nature, but you will certainly have a sense of tranquility and light hearted joy.

Try this:

  1. Make a list of as many things you can think of that you find exciting, and then make a list of the drama that you sometimes or frequently engage in.
  1. Start to really pay attention to the drama traps this week and switch your thoughts to true excitement and feel the difference in you body, in you soul, and in you outlook on the world and life in general.
  1. I know you will find the feelings of excitement much more satisfying and entertaining than those that the drama brings, so then tell your body and your brain that it’s the excitement you are after, not the drama.

Once you really realize the difference and tell your brain what you are truly seeking, then that is what your brain will start to look for, excitement and not drama. You get stuck in a rut because that is what your brain has become accustomed to, and you have the power to change that.

Dial down the drama and amp up the excitement and not only your outlook on life and mood will change, but your overall health will be affected positively as well.

You are a powerful, exciting being and you are worthy of a phenomenal life so program you brain to look for just that.


With love,