Hello, lovely friend,

The change of seasons is an invitation for you to go shopping and update your wardrobe or add pieces to it.

There is always a plethora of styles, colours and price points to choose from, but being a stealthy shopper you know exactly what you are looking for, or you’ll know it when you see it.

You scan the racks quickly saying, “not me, too dull, too bold, wrong cut, maybe, Oh this is perfect – now if they only had it in my size, too expensive, I don’t like the feel of the fabric, it cuts me here, it sags there, too sporty, too lacy, I used to love this style but doesn’t reflect who I am anymore and I already have so many things similar to this.”

Once you buy the clothes you start your search for the perfect accessories.

Here is a massive hint about the best possible accessory for all of your fashion choices – know what is coming through you, from your inner self.

No matter how much of a fashionista you are, if you are perfectly attired on the outside but your inner self is tarnished and dull, you will pale in comparison to the person who is modestly attired, in who knows what years fashion, but has genuine love, joy, inclusiveness, understanding and compassion shining right through her or him. That kind of an aura trumps the latest and best fashions with no effort at all.

It is so amazing to me that people spend so much time on outward appearances and neglect that which can never be concealed, their inner self and their abundance or lack of, love, joy, compassion, fairness, inclusiveness and kindness.

So, what old attitudes, judgements, pettiness, competitiveness, sulkiness, complaints and jealousy just don’t fit who you are anymore?

Do you pay attention to how these things make you feel or just let them happen as they always have?

As you expand and grow and re-discover your higher/God self or true self, you really begin to notice that old thoughts, or ways of behaving, don’t fit who you are anymore, and this is such a great realization.

That doesn’t mean that they automatically stop so don’t judge them, just be aware that what you just said or did didn’t feel right or good, or it diminished your joy, and then ponder on it for a moment so that this sudden awareness has a moment to take hold and be remembered.

Take some time to figure out who you really are, then wear that confidently and lovingly, and your aura will be enigmatic. Suddenly people will remember you even if they don’t remember what you were wearing.

Eating healthy and exercising will give you a radiant glow as well as energy and confidence, so don’t forget this aspect of updating your look from the inside, out.

Your wardrobe may be eye catching or even stunning but it is your healthy glow and loving, joyous personality that will be breathtaking.

Really put some thought into how you want to show up in the world each day, in all kinds of situations. Get ready from the inside out and whatever you happen to dress in will naturally look that much better.

Big beautiful idea: Saying, “fill me with love and then let it flow through me and out to others” is a spectacular way to accessorise everything.

Getting ready to go anywhere is so much more exciting when you dress from the inside out, and I assure you that you will be more than pleased with the results.

Now, strike a pose!

With love,