Summer is for Shorts; The Series, Week Three

Hello, amazing, being of light, When in doubt, always follow your heart; your heart knows all things and doesn’t get trapped in the game of reasoning or worry about the how’s and the when’s, it simply gives you personal and pure guidance based on your highest good, not someone else’s fears or judgments. (Most of [...]

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Two Things that are Fundamental for Success in Anything

Hello, beautiful friend, Do you love having choices? How well do you do when there is a vast array of choices and they are all awesome in one way or another? I must tell you; I have pages and pages of blog ideas and about ten half written ones that I will complete and post [...]

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I’m Sure that Everyone You Admire Does This

Hello, unstoppable friend, Have you noticed that there is a competition for just about everything these days? The evidence that so much of what you do is being scrutinized and judged is so predominant that it is little wonder that you may fully engage in self doubt, and have wavering moments where you find it [...]

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You Want It, I’ve Got It, You Want It, baby I’ve Got It

Hello, gorgeous friend, What have I got that you want? Happiness, peace and joy, just because. In this Law of Attraction world, and I am a LOA Life Coach, people tend to get drawn in simply because they want stuff, stuff that will make them happy. This message does get perpetuated, however; it is so [...]

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