This; You Really Need To Get

Hello, adored friend, 1. The Universe, God, Life – Loves you. 2. Possibilities are indeed, infinite. 3. Everything is going to be okay – way better than okay, no matter what. Point One – no matter how many mistakes you have made and continue to make, no matter how much or how little faith you [...]

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Understand Your Angst so You Can Reel It In

Hello, most amazing friend, What is it for you, that turns your otherwise rational self into an angst filled, negative thought producing and possibly weepy basket case? For me it is exhaustion, mental and physical exhaustion, and this week exhaustion took my thoughts and emotions on one wild ride. Allow me to unfold the event [...]

This Stays, That Goes; Damn the Not Sure Pile is Monumental!

Hello, beautiful friend and Happy Spring! Spring is the perfect time to reassess and update your wardrobe, your fitness routine, the way things are arranged in you home and to get rid of the things that don’t reflect who you are anymore. De-cluttering your home can make you feel great and may also provide you [...]

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