Two Things that are Fundamental for Success in Anything

Hello, beautiful friend, Do you love having choices? How well do you do when there is a vast array of choices and they are all awesome in one way or another? I must tell you; I have pages and pages of blog ideas and about ten half written ones that I will complete and post [...]

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Defining Your Style from the Inside, Out

Hello, lovely friend, The change of seasons is an invitation for you to go shopping and update your wardrobe or add pieces to it. There is always a plethora of styles, colours and price points to choose from, but being a stealthy shopper you know exactly what you are looking for, or you’ll know it [...]

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It is Important, so Find What Works for You

Good day, beautiful friend, Do you find that even when you feel you are paying attention, it is so easy to get swept into the stress zone, and suddenly realize that you have lost your center and that your peace and joy seem to be slipping away? Life is so non-stop these days, and when [...]

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Missed Opportunities that May Surprise You

Hello, delightful friend, How many times have things happened in your life and you are left wondering why they happened or what it was all about? Recently my website was hacked and it messed up my time schedule and my budget, but as my perspective of life leans toward the positive naturally, my reaction to [...]

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