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Who I am

Hello and welcome, I am Lois,

My mission is to help bring more love, peace, understanding, joy, and fulfilment into the world; by empowering people to transform their lives so they are able to live the life of purpose and joy they have always dreamed of.

I grew up in a small Ontario town and now live in Toronto, Ontario. I’m 52, have two beautiful adult children and a grandson on the way. No, I don’t feel old enough to be a grandmother so, I will be known as Nana Lolo, which suits me just fine. I am in love with a beautiful, supportive man who has enabled me to really grow and get out of my comfort zone. My life is exciting and oh, so yummy in all ways. Yay!

Being resourceful, spirited, a non-conformist and a dreamer who has never lost her child-like enthusiasm, is what kept me searching for answers and believing that a wonderful life was indeed possible.

I am known as a social butterfly and I truly love people so, becoming a coach wasn’t so much of a decision as it was a discovering of my purpose.

One of my favorite words is “yay” and I say it often, as it’s full of the same joy and silliness that I am full of.

I just gave you a taste of my life as it is now, but for years I only dreamed that I would have the beautiful, love filled, and abundant life that I now live.

I used to feel separate from God/Universe/Divine, or whatever you feel comfortable calling source energy. For me it is God. That feeling of separation made faith impossible and I felt alone. Now I have absolute faith, which is what the Law of Attraction boils down to, and I never feel alone.

Coaching enables me to share all of my methods, or things that I did that kept me going, when I honestly thought that I just couldn’t take another day of pain. Everyone is meant to have a beautiful and joy filled life, and so to fully share all of my wonderful methods that never let me entirely give up on life, and also the things that moved me forward to the life that I desired, I am writing a book.

It is hard to truly convey the joy that I now live with in words alone so, let me just say, joy and gratitude fill me up. I now allow my authentic personality to shine, I have given myself wings to fly, and life is simply glorious.

It’s your time to allow your authentic personality to shine, and to give yourself wings to fly. I would love to guide you on your journey. I never pretend that I have an answer to absolutely everything, and I will always be honest as I help you find your personal truths, and guide you to the life you desire.

photo by Jennifer Toole


Lois Favacho is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, a relationship expert and empowerment coach, who helps women release their negative self-image and awaken their inner Goddess. Lois guides women who want to feel empowered to direct their own lives confidently while embracing their value.

Lois’ teachings of Universal Laws provides positive focus, awareness of perspective, and also emphasizes the importance of self-love so the client is able to awaken to a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment.

Through Lois’ personal journey she experienced painful family and intimate relationships, the belief that she was not enough, and that she was not lovable. Lois’s negative self-image also led her believe that there was something inherently wrong with her.

Then Lois learned to transform her life from the inside-out and discovered, on her own journey of deep healing, that truly loving oneself is the first key to transforming ones life.

Lois’ journey of self-love has brought true happiness, love, joy and freedom into every one of her days, even stormy days.

The finger in my egg belongs to one of my dearest friends, Paul DeLong and yes, he actually does this. He’s a funny, hunny bunny! Yay for silliness!!!